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Royal Glove
1.25 oz Jar $12.85
Royal Glove is not an ordinary hand crème.  It is a hand moisturizer and protectant that literally serves as an invisible shield to protect your hands from environmental harm.  It helps protect your hands from germs, bacteria, chemicals, paints, dyes, soaps, solvents, acids, disinfectants, grease, oils, odors, and foods.  It is professional strength and will last up to four hours.  Perfect for gardeners, tree climbers, or anyone who works outdoors.

King's X
4-oz. jar Professional Strength Soothing Crème
King's X provides immediate relief for gardeners, tree climbers, or anyone who does a lot of physical activities.  This remarkable crème helps ease sore joints, neck, back, knee, elbow, feet, golfer's knee, trigger finger, tennis elbow, acne, minor burns, abrasions, blemishes, chapped skin, headaches and sinus. King's X will help soothe aches and discomfort, reduce swelling, and decrease inflammation.


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